Travel Card Information & Application

ND Travel Card Sample

Use the Travel Card Application to request a new travel card or changes to an existing card.

Travel Card Application - *Please note: All applicants must enter a valid business purpose in the ‘Comments’ field on the application. Applications will not be approved without a valid purpose.*

Travel Card User Agreement (PDF)

Benefits of the Travel Card (PDF)    

The University’s travel card provider is JPMorgan Chase.  All travel cardholders will benefit from the upload of all travel card charges to the Concur system, which will assist greatly with expense report filings.  Also, the travel card gives travelers an opportunity to separate business expenses from personal charges incurred on a personal credit card.  Further, the travel card can provide for a larger credit limit than may be available on the traveler’s personal card. To apply for a travel card, please click the above link and fill out the user agreement form.      

The JPMorgan Chase Visa Card is the University’s Travel Card for the following reasons:

  • Broad acceptance at locations and merchants worldwide
  • Opportunity to introduce  the new card in coordination with new on-line booking and expense management tool
  • Charges on the new Chase travel card will be automatically imported into the new on-line expense management tool
  • Enhanced reporting and customer service
  • Efficiencies through the consolidation of the procurement card and travel card with one bank (JPMorgan Chase)

Facts about the new JPMorgan Chase Visa Travel Card:

  • Rewards Program – Available for a fee to card holders, similar to the American Express travel rewards program. Read more about the Chase Rewards Program (PDF).
  • Payment and billing type – There is no change from the current approach – i.e., the  University will continue with an individual bill/ individual pay model for the new travel card 
  • Customer Service - The JPMorgan Chase Customer Service Department is dedicated to servicing Corporate Card clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Insurance Benefits – The JPMorgan Chase travel card provides coverage for travel booked on the card.  Details of insurance benefits will be provided with your new card application.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Procurement Help Desk at 631-4289 or via email
  • Chase Customer Service: 800-316-6056.