Responses to travelND Surveys:

  1. How do I change the display setting for per diem/travel allowance?    

    We recommend changing the default display from Single Day Itinerary to Standard Itinerary in your Concur profile.                                                                                               

    Profile / Profile Settings / Expense Preferences - remove the check mark under the Display section.

    Using the Standard Itinerary option allows the system to calculate the 75% total for the travel days automatically. Detailed information on travel allowance can be found on our websitePer Diem / Travel Allowance         
  2. How do I log in to the Concur Mobile App?

    After downloading the Concur mobile app on your smart device, you will need to create a mobile PIN via the Concur/travelND system that will serve as your mobile log in password.  Please refer to our quick reference guide on setting up and logging in to the Concur Mobile App – travelND Expense.
  3. Can I add multiple receipts to one expense line?

    Yes, multiple receipts/attachments can be added to a single expense line. When attempting to attach multiple receipts, you will get a pop up message that asks you if you want to choose Yes to “Append a new image”.  Choose Yes and browse to your image, click attach. This process does not replace the current receipt image, it allows you to add more receipts to the line. For more information on attaching receipts, please refer to our guide,  Attaching Receipts Quick Reference Guide .

  4. I need help with my expense report, who can I call?
    Please call Procurement Services help desk at 631-4289 or email for assistance. You can also refer to the training documentation on our website,