Responses to travelND Surveys:

  1. What documentation is required for travel reimbursements?

    Full trip documentation is required even if reimbursement is not being requested (i.e., stays with a friend, conference pays for lodging, lodging on a travel partner's expense report, etc.).  Documents must include:
    Flight itinerary
    -  Travel expenses, to and from (airline receipts must include flight details and proof of payment)
    -  Conference or meeting agendas
    -  Clear business purpose (please avoid acronyms)

    Airfare and any other prepaid expenses should be listed in the final report, marked as non-reimbursable

  2. It's very hard to navigate and see where your receipts went.

    When you use the mobile app to take a picture of your receipt or scan and upload a receipt to Concur, the receipt can be found in your Available Receipts queue under the Manage Expenses page.  Please review the Receipts quick reference guide which covers uploading receipts to your receipt queue and attaching receipts to an expense report.       

  3. Itineraries for per diem expenses are very confusing.

Please review the Travel Allowance/Per Diem quick reference guide for step-by-step instructions or call our help desk at 631-4289 for assistance.

I need help with my expense report, who can I call?
Please call the Procurement Services help desk at 631-4289 or email for assistance. You can also refer to the training documentation on our website,