Responses to travelND Surveys:

  1. It would be nice to be able to delete expenses that you don't intend to submit for reimbursement without creating a dummy report.
    Since we have two credit cards that are University pay, Procards and Meeting cards, we have to omit the ability to delete all credit card charges. Unfortunately, the Concur system will not allow us to set one credit card only with delete permissions. You will need to pull them into an expense report and mark them non-reimbursable. If you submit the expense report, be sure to note that those expenses were already reimbursed or are personal expenses.
  2. I need to change FOP codes in the header or at the line level of the expense report but I get an "Invalid Code" error.
    Type in the Fund number and wait for it to appear in the drop down. Do not hit tab or enter or you will get Invalid Code error.  Once you add the Fund number, click the drop down field for Organization and Program numbers.  Concur holds a connected list so the org and program are tied to the fund number.
  3. I would like to attach all receipts only one time.
    You have the option to attach receipts one time at the report level by clicking on Attach Receipt Images from the Receipts Menu. A dialog box will appear allowing you to browse to the receipts you wish to attach to the report.  Please review the attaching receipts quick reference guide for further details on attaching receipts, Attaching Receipts Quick Reference Guide  
  4. I need help with my expense report, who can I call?
    Please call Procurement Services help desk at 631-4289 or email for assistance.