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Concur Mobile

Concur Mobile is a free app which provides access to the Concur Travel & Expense System from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device.

With Concur Mobile you can:

  • Capture receipt images with your camera phone and add them to your receipt store

  • Create and submit expenses reports

  • Review and approve expense reports (if you are an approver)

  • View your travel itineraries and flight status updates

  • Book airfare, rental cars, and hotels for University travel

Concur Mobile App Setup Guide

Concur Mobile Video


TripIT Pro

Need your own personal travel assistant? Sign-up for TripIt Pro! It’s like having your own personal travel assistant to keep you organized and in the know while you’re traveling.

Follow the simple steps below to connect your Concur and TripIt accounts to start your TripIt Pro membership. Once you’re up and running, you can continue to book travel through Concur, and your plans will automatically show up as an itinerary in TripIt. Plus, you can forward other activities and reservations booked outside of Concur to and they’ll be instantly added to your itinerary.

To make submitting expenses even easier, your TripIt itineraries will be available to generate an expense report in Concur.

What’s TripIt Pro?

TripIt Pro gives you all the benefits of the free TripIt service –  all your travel plans in one place and access on your smartphone, in your calendar or anywhere online – along with premium features, including:

  • Flight Alerts – text/e-mail alerts for delays or cancellations and helpful reminders
  • Airfare Refunds – alerts you if you’re eligible for a refund or credit on U.S. flights
  • Alternate Flight Search – instant access to view alternate schedules and open seats
  • Point Tracker – access all your frequent traveler points in one place
  • VIP Perks – one-year membership to Hertz # 1 Club Gold and Regus Business World Gold.

How Does It Work?

Check out this fun and brief video on how TripIt works.


  1. Next time you login to Concur, look for TripIt on your homescreen. It will be displayed as a "Travel Alert" on the Concur home page. Click the TripIt sign-in (for existing TripIt users) or sign-up (for users new to TripIt) button to link your Concur and TripIt accounts. After you complete the process, your TripIt Pro subscription will start within 24 hours. Upon activation, you will receive an e-mail from TripIt Support welcoming you to TripIt Pro.
  2. TripIt will send you an email to verify and confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you can start using TripIt.

NOTE: If you do not see the travel alert, please refer to the quick reference guide for further instructions on signing up for TripIt. TripIt registration information

Mobile Users

  • To stay connected on-the-go, the mobile app for TripIt is available for iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry for the respective App Stores.
  • Start exploring the benefits of TripIt Pro by visiting and add your loyalty point programs to the Point Tracker tab. TripIt Pro will start monitoring your point balance and recent activity.

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