Southwest Airline A-List Experience

The University of Notre Dame has committed to carbon neutrality. Today, we are highlighting Southwest Airlines®, one of our travel partners that has made a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

When you fly with Southwest, you choose the airline with Heart for our Planet. As a token of Southwest's appreciation, you may qualify for a 90-day A-List experience between October 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, when you register via the QR code in the graphic. Southwest Airlines Spotlight 2022

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Southwest Airlines Promotion

LUV and Perks are in the Air! 

University of Notre Dame Travelers are always close to our hearts, so we are giving you a chance to win 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points when you tell us where you LUV to fly! 

Submit your Rapid Rewards number, a photo of the Southwest destination you LUV the most, and why you LUV to fly to …

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Updating your Concur Profile

Occasionally, information in our Concur profile needs updating. As an active Concur user, you have the ability to update all your personal information, including your default fund/organization/program (FOP) numbers, your frequent traveler numbers, and your credit card information. It is important this information is kept up to date, doing so helps with the booking process when using Concur or Anthony Travel agents.  Updating your default FOP in your profile might be necessary if you changed departments. All new hires should verify your auto uploaded FOP is correct.…

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University Travel & Meeting Card Fraud Alert

On rare occasions, a fraudulent transaction may occur on a University travel or meeting card.  Unauthorized activity by the merchant, or unexpected/unintended use by the merchant, is considered misuse.

You can take action and guard against fraud by learning the methods perpetrators often use to commit fraud. 

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ATTENTION: Concur/TravelND Mobile App Users

Concur is implementing a new policy to improve security for the Concur mobile app.  This policy is planned to go into effect with the late April / early May 2020 SAP Concur mobile app release. 

Concur will be communicating to users about updating the Concur mobile app within the Concur mobile app. Depending on the user’s personal settings, there are a variety of communications that will be directed to users who need to update the app such as the mobile message center, push notifications, and pop-ups. More information on this policy, Concur Mobile App

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Unused Airline Ticket Alerts in travelND

If an individual paid for a flight personally that was subsequently canceled due to COVID-19, reimbursement can be requested even though the flight was not taken. This policy departure is allowed for COVID-19 related cancellations with the understanding that the airline ticket will be reused for University purposes in the future. The employee and/or their department will be responsible for keeping track of the unused flight ticket

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