Contacts & Help Desk

For help with the Concur Online Booking and Expense System:

For questions on Travel or Meeting Cards:

  • Call the Procurement Help Desk at 631-4289 
  • Email
  • Call Chase at 800-316-6056

For questions on making or changing an existing booking or group travel arrangement:

  • Call Anthony Travel: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern at 631-7080 or 800-366-3772

  • For Emergencies (confirmations are not emergencies): Call Anthony Travel at 800-530-2560 (VIT Code: S3T1F)

travelND Team

Help Desk 631-4289
Lancie Marvin, Procurement Analyst  631-4289
Michael Hudson, Systems Analyst 631-8216
Diane Kennedy, Senior Technical Analyst 631-0469
Liam McCauley, Contract and Travel Specialist 631-6815
Jon Schlundt, Assoc Director, Procurement Business Operations 631-1267
Charity Roberts, Asst Director, Procurement Services 631-4977
Johnna Grenert-Taff, Compliance Program Consultant 631-5304
Sherry Hinegardner, Compliance Assistant 631-0570
Paul Van Dieren, Associate Controller for Payment and Tax Services 631-7996

Additional Contacts

  • Procard: Anne Marie Peck (Procard Administrator) 631-6564