Per Diem/Travel Allowance

Your department may reimburse its employees' travel expenses according to a schedule of set reimbursement rates, commonly known as "per diem" or "travel allowance" rates. You can check with your business manager to determine if your department uses per diem/travel allowance. The rates are a fixed daily amount determined by the government and company policies. They may differ depending on location and length of travel, partial days of travel, seasonal travel, and so on. You can verify the per diem rate before your trip by visiting the GSA website and entering your travel destination city.

 Travel allowances only apply to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and incidentals and would not include other expenses.

For example, assume that the fixed rate for your destination is $55.00 dollars per day. You keep the difference if you spend less than 55.00 dollars per day. You are responsible for paying the difference if you spend more than 55.00 dollars daily. Since you are paid a fixed daily amount, you do not need to keep track of your actual expenses or collect receipts. Instead, Concur creates the fixed-amount expenses based on the location and duration information stated in your itinerary.

Please refer to the quick reference guide for details on adding per diem/travel allowance to your expense report.

Per Diem / Travel Allowance Guide