New Student Expense Report Policy

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, the travelND expense report policies used to reimburse graduate and undergraduate students in travelND was consolidated into one policy.

The new Student Expense Policy will be used to reimburse both graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty and staff members will now be able to submit expense reports and fellowship, scholarship, award (FSA) payments on behalf of both graduate and undergraduate students.

After July 8th, you will need to move the expense entries of a previously created student reimbursement report to a new report with the ‘Student Expense Policy’. You can move expense lines from one report to another by utilizing the Move feature in travelND. Instructions on how to move expense lines and how to use the new ‘Student Expense Policy’ can be found in the quick reference guides listed below.

For more information on using this new policy, please refer to the quick reference guide, Student Expense Policy

For more information on moving expense line items from an existing report to a new report, please refer to the quick reference guide, Move Expense Line Entries