Full trip documentation requirement

Occasionally travelers submit business trip expense reports claiming only hotel, local transportation, meals, and/or incidentals at a distant location.  These expense reports raise many questions, including the method of transportation to/from the destination (perhaps commercial airfare) and the underlying reason for the trip (perhaps conference attendance).  Some travelers mistakenly exclude such expenses from a final trip expense report since no reimbursement is sought.  However, the need to accurately reflect the full trip cost and fully document the business purpose for items that have been prepaid or directly charged to a FOAPAL has been raised in various outside and research audits.  For example, the final expense report for a conference attendance in which airfare was charged directly to a FOAPAL and the conference fee was prepaid should document the cost and method of travel to/from the destination as well as the conference fee. Further, both should be marked as nonreimbursable. 

This full documentation requirement is not new policy.  However, with the rollout of new functionality on 7/1/15 within travelND (Concur booking tool or Anthony Travel) to help accommodate this requirement, providing that information on a final trip expense report will be relatively easy.  The flight directly charged to a FOAPAL will be available in a queue within Concur Expense to where the traveler (or their delegate) can simply drag and drop the non-reimbursable directly charged flight expense onto the appropriate Expense Report. Expense Reports submitted after June 30, 2015 will be asked to meet this full documentation policy requirement, whether or not booked through travelND.