Ground Transportation (Mileage, Car Rental, Bus, Taxi, Etc.)


University policy states you can claim miles driven or original gas receipts.  If the mileage exceeds 1,000 miles round trip, a flight quote reflecting the drive cost less than or equal to the flight cost.

  • Mileage is calculated using the GSA rates:   
  • The expense type to use in Concur is “Personal Car Mileage - 77030”.  This expense type will automatically figure the mileage if you use the mileage calcuator within this expense type.
    • Select Personal Car Mileage (77030) - The page refreshes with the required and optional fields displayed, including the Mileage Calculator link

    • Click on the Mileage Calculator link and the Google Mileage Calculator window automatically displays, and you can enter your point-to-point routes
Car Rental:

University policy states you will need to attach a detailed car rental receipt reflecting the amount paid.

  • Receipt/itinerary from on-line travel service (Hotwire, Priceline, etc.) reflecting cost, and payment method (e.g., Visa **** **** **** 1234) and evidence of full payment.
    • Absent the proper itinerary and receipt, additional information may be requested, including but not limited to detailed receipt from rental car agency indicating payment of any balance due, and/or a copy of the traveler's credit card statement reflecting the charge.

The expense type to use in Conur is "Taxi, Tolls, Parking-Domestic (77030)"

  • Select Taxi, Tolls, Parking-Domestic (77030) expense type - the page refreshes with the required and optional fields displayed.

Follow by the University receipt threshold guidelines when adding ground transportation expenses to your expense report.