Expense Delegates

Identifying Expense Delegates

A delegate is an individual authorized to process expense reports, in the Concur Travel & Expense System, on behalf of another person.

There are two types of delegates:

  • A Prepare Delegate can prepare expense reports for another individual.
  • Travel Arrangers

Delegates are assigned for expense report processing, while travel arrangers are assigned for travel processing. Delegates and travel arrangers are not necessarily the same people. An individual can be just a delegate, just a travel arranger, or both a delegate and a travel arranger.

Setting an expense delegate

Setting an expense delegate in your travelND profile is optional. This setting allows another person to prepare an expense report for you. However, the individual receiving the reimbursement must submit the expense report. Please refer to the Profile Set up quick reference guide to set up an expense delegate in your profile or refer to the directions below.

  1. Open your profile in travelND
  2. From the menu on the left side, click on Expense Delegates
  3. Click on Add Delegate
  4. Search for the user by last name, select and click Add
  5. For the selected user, click on the checkboxes for Can Prepare, Can View Receipts, and Receive Emails
  6. Click Save.

NOTE: You can also set a delegate to approve for you if you are on vacation.  Simply add the delegate, check the box "can approver temporary" and enter the dates you will be out of the office (not to exceed 30 days).

Please refer to the Profile Setup quick reference guide for step-by-step instructions.