Cash Advance

A cash advance is when the University provides funds for University business prior to the trip.  This is rare and is only provided if the traveler and trip meets specific requirements.  This cash advance must be first arranged with the Compliance Supervisor ( then requested through travelND(Concur) and finally  reconciled as part of a expense report in Concur. 

For more information on reconciling a cash advance in Concur see the guide below.

Cash Advance Guide

An alternative is to use the Cash Advance option on the Chase Visa Travel Card. This feature requires the establishment of a PIN number and enables the Chase Visa Travel Card holder to withdraw cash from nearly any ATM nationwide. Cash advance requests received via check requisition may be returned to the requesting department if circumstances indicate that such advances may otherwise be obtained via the Chase Visa Travel Card. Contact TravelND Help Desk (574-631-4289, to enable the Cash Advance feature on Chase Visa Travel Card. Please allow at least one week for the Cash Advance feature to be activated.