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Travel Reservations/Change

How do I book a hotel that is designated as a preferred location for a conference?

The conference organizer may have a dedicated site for you to book a hotel room. You may chose to book using the information provided by the conference. You can also check if the rate in Concur is cheaper than booking with the conference site.

How do I make a change/cancel to an existing airline, hotel or car rental reservation?

Post ticketing, please call Anthony Travel to make changes to an existing travel itinerary. The travel agents can navigate through the booking rules and explain any subsequent costs. If you wish to cancel a reservation booked in Concur, then you may simply click on "Cancel Trip" within the system.

How can I get frequent flier miles or points on my business travel?

You can add frequent flier or points information in the profile section of Concur. As you make your reservations, your frequent flier number of rewards information will be added to the itinerary.

Will the system notify me if there is a change in flight schedule?

No, the Concur system will not notify you of any change in flight schedule. You can sign up for alerts or notifications offered by most major airlines on their website.

How do I ensure that my name matches the state/government issued photo ID?

The name in the Concur system is populated from Notre Dame’s Administrative System. As you make your first booking, please ensure that your name in the travelND system matches the state/government issued photo ID. Failure to do so may impact your ability to travel. The Concur system will prompt you to check your name. You can also change your name to match your ID by going to your profile.

Do I need to provide my date of birth and gender to book travel?

Yes, please remember to update the fields (date of birth and gender) to comply with TSA’s  (Travel Security Administration) Secure Flight program.

What are unused tickets?

Unused tickets refers to a nonrefundable ticket that is not used, usually due to a change of plans by the traveler.  A credit is applied on the airline that the traveler can then use at a later date.  Travel often must be completed at least one year from original travel date and most airlines may charge a $150 change fee.

Will my airline reservation get automatically upgraded based on my frequent-flier status?

Depending on the airline, frequent-flier status and availability, your reservation may get upgraded automatically.

Can I reserve a rental car for a guest in Cliqbook using the Norte Dame contract?

If the reservation is being made for Notre Dame business travel (paid for by Notre Dame), the Notre Dame contract can be used and any of the reservations methods can be used.  However, if the traveler is an Emerald Club member, the reservation must be through Anthony Travel to ensure that the individual's Emerald Club benefits will be applied to the reservation (including counter bypass).

How do I clone a trip for another traveler?

  1. Click on an an existing itinerary and then select Clone Trip.
  2. Select Guest Traveler from the drop-down list to clone the trip (or select a ND traveler you are an Assistant/Arranger for)
  3. Select the appropriate button if you want the second traveler to be on the same itinerary or a different one.
  4. Click Next after the system has determined the available class of service
  5. Enter the guest traveler’s information
  6. Select the fare or a different itinerary
  7. Choose payment method (direct bill to FOP or a credit card)
  8. Enter TSA information
  9. Review itinerary and finish the reservation process

Can a foreign air carrier be used (and subsequently charged to a federal award) if it is a "partner" with a U.S. air carrier?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. Travel should always be planned in advance of the trip to ensure that space will be available on an appropriate air carrier. When dealing with travel agents, specify that the air carrier must be of U.S. origin. When no U.S. air carrier is available, be sure to check the criteria for what the government considers "available" and "non-available". Refer to your sponsor's guidelines for further information. More information is available on the Research & Sponsored Program Accounting webpage.

Also, see related FAQ's (on Fly America, travel, alcohol, etc.) regarding sponsored project administration on the Controller's website.

Travel Support

How do I get support if I am stranded during my business travels?

If you are stranded during your business travels, please call Anthony Travel directly at 800-366-3772 or 574-631-7080.