Travel Arrangers

A travel arranger (also called a travel assistant) is an individual authorized to book travel, in the Concur Travel & Expense System, on behalf of another person. Travel arrangers can view another’s upcoming trips, within Concur, whether those trips were booked using Concur or Anthony Travel.

Things to keep in mind!

  • Travel Arrangers/Assistants are able to make reservations on behalf of someone with a Concur profile in place.
  • A traveler can have more than one arranger/assistant.
  • An arranger/assistant can book for more than one traveler.
  • A traveler can designate ONE arranger/assistant as a primary assistant.
  • The primary assistant will always receive an email copy of the itinerary for the traveler, regardless of who made the reservation (primary assistant, other travel arranger/assistant or traveler).
  • The primary assistant is able to modify the traveler’s profile as needed.
  • The primary assistant MUST have an office/work telephone in their profile.
  • The travel arranger will have access to the traveler’s profile so be mindful of who has access to a particular profile

Travel Arranger Setup Guide