Training Resources

Certified travelND Specialists (Super Users)
Training Classes
  • Training opportunities are available to all interested participants, but those who travel regularly, travel arrangers, and frequent expense report submitters are encouraged to attend the training.  You can sign up for the training class via Endeavor
  • travelND class: offered every month:
    • In this course you will learn the benefits of utilizing travelND to the individual traveler, those who arrange travel for others, and your budget unit. In addition, you will learn the details of the travelND system, including how to:
      • Book an airline flight, hotel and car rental
      • Create an expense report
      • Create a travel allowance (per diem) itinerary
      • Request a cash advance and assign the cash advance to an expense report
      • Add an out-of-pocket expense
      • Itemize an expense
      • Change and split FOAPAL charges on an expense report
      • Work with mileage
      • Attach electronic receipts to the expense report
      • Apply for a Chase Visa travel card which integrates with the travelND system
      • Set up your personal profile for the travelND system
  • Requesting Group Training Classes:
    • If our current schedule of classes does not meet your timeline and you require training for a group of 5 or more people, please fill out the form below.  Accommodating these requests will depend on Procurement Services resources. The Procurement Services department will contact you after your request is received.  

Scheduling assistance:

A computer lab is ideal for this training. However, for a smaller group, a conference room with projection can work .If your department does not have any available space for the training, you can contact the OIT lab- 631-7227. You may also reserve a room through: