Travel Policy for Fall 2020

The University's plan is subject to change based on the evolving understanding of COVID-19 and its impact. This update is current as of 6/7/20.  Check for the latest information.

Travel Policy for Fall 2020


The University’s efforts to minimize COVID-19 infections and safeguard the health of the entire Notre Dame community depend on a package of measures and protocols. One important element of that package is to curtail travel to and from campus as much as possible, in order to lessen the introduction of new sources of infection. This is the primary reason for the significant adjustment to our academic calendar, with the Fall semester now beginning with classes on August 10 and running straight through the completion of final exams by November 24. This is also the reason for this policy, which strictly limits travel during the Fall semester.

Throughout the fall 2020 semester, University-related travel will be strictly limited to essential travel, regardless of whether the university is paying for it. Permission for all University-related travel must be approved by a Dean or Vice President.  Requests for such travel should include an explanation of why the travel is essential, the dates, destinations, transportation plans and lodging involved in the trip, as well as the steps that will be taken to maximize physical distancing and to adhere to CDC guidelines and local health recommendations at the destination.  All approved travel must be booked through TravelND or Anthony Travel. The University will not pay for, or reimburse expenses for, University-related travel that does not comply with these procedures.

Approval will be based upon:

  1. An assessment of the need for the requested travel during the semester instead of at some later time;

  2. The immediate importance of the requested travel to the University’s core mission of teaching and research;

  3. And the potential long-term consequences to the University of not undertaking the requested travel during the semester.

Before returning to campus after approved travel, those traveling will be required to contact either University Health Services (students) or the Wellness Center (faculty and staff) to determine whether any measures may be required to help safeguard our campus community. Please be aware that depending on the nature of any approved travel, there could be testing or quarantine requirements either upon arrival at the destination or upon return, depending on the status of the pandemic at the time of travel.

The University further expects that students, faculty, and staff will avoid personal travel away from campus, their homes, or the local area during the fall 2020 semester except under exceptional circumstances (e.g., sick family members). Again, this expectation is based on our need to work together for the safety of the entire community.  University Health Services and the Wellness Center are available resources for those who must make a personal trip and wish to discuss whether further measures are required before returning to campus.

  • University-Sponsored Guests Information:

A new visitor policy is currently being developed and will be released soon.