Student Expense Reports

Undergraduate students can now be reimbursed in travelND! As with graduate students, undergraduates are only able to usetravelND for expense reporting purposes.  If they have legitimate business purpose to book travel (air, hotel or car rental), students should contact Anthony Travel to make the arrangements.

Graduate students can prepare their own expense reports or assign an expense delegate to prepare the expense report.  However, the system is designed for a University employee to prepare the expense report in travelND for undergraduate students.  The undergrad students are not eligible users of travelND but can be reimbursed in travelND when an employee prepares the expense report on their behalf.  Only in a few rare cases (where an undergrad will be filing multiple expense reports over a period of time) will an undergrad be manually added as a user so that they can prepare their own expense reports in travelND.  The student managers in Athletics is one example. The submitters and/or approvers will need to change the dummy FOAPAL appropriately. Suggestions for creating expense reports with multiple funding sources are provided at the end of the Quick Reference Guides. 

Concur Expense Quick Reference Guide For Undergraduate Student Reimbursements (263k PDF)

Concur Expense Quick Reference Guide For Graduate Student Reimbursements (643k PDF)

The reimbursement method will be direct deposit for the undergraduate if an election is on file for that student (if the student is employed by the University); otherwise, the reimbursement will be in check form.

Please call the travelND Help Desk at 1-4289 or email if you have any questions.