New travelND Features

As of September 4, 2012, travelND will introduce two new features, allocation favorites and quick expenses.  Please see the quick reference guides for detailed information on these features. 

Allocation Favorites (308k PDF) - Creating allocation favorites will allow you to save time when completing expense reports that include expense line items that are allocated to multiple FOAPAL’s. You will have the option to save allocation FOAPAL combinations and their associated percentages within your travelND profile. Once the feature is enabled and you select to allocate an expense, you will receive a message prompt notifying you that Favorite Allocations are able to be created. Please see guide for further details. 

Quick Expenses (185k PDF) - The Quick Expenses entry grid is a data entry page that lets users quickly enter many simple expenses in an Excel-like format. This is useful for users who enter repetitive expenses, such as meals and taxis. Expenses associated with card transactions may also be entered.  The travelND system will propose a matching card transaction to an expense entry when the report is saved. Once the expense entries are saved, each entry can then be opened and modified such as attaching receipt images, itemization, and allocation. Please see guide for further details.