New Request module within Concur – Guest Travel Authorization Form

As many of you know, the Guest Travel feature is available to book guest travel within Concur by selecting “Book for Guest” under the Trip Search section.

If you prefer to use Anthony Travel for guest or dependent bookings, effective June 15, 2015, a new electronic guest travel form will be available within TravelND (under the Request tab) for that purpose. The form is designed to help streamline the request process with Anthony Travel.

While the travel arranger may choose to call or e-mail Anthony Travel, this form will be helpful to many in that it prompts the traveler for the specific information needed to book guest or dependent travel.

How does it work?

  • When filling out the travel form, please complete all required fields and any optional fields with as much information about the traveler as possible, especially the name on identification and date of birth. If you would like Anthony Travel to contact the traveler, please include the contact information in the comment field.
  • In addition, the Request form has the option to attach supporting documents before submitting. This is helpful for groups or events where several guests may be traveling for the same business trip or on the same dates.
  • When all fields are complete and appropriate documents are attached, you can click Submit Request. The form will go directly to Anthony Travel for processing, no additional approvals are needed. Under the Active Request list, employees can view the status of the request.

We have prepared a Request-Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for your benefit.

More information is available online at