Holiday Break - travelND Reimbursements

Included in your planning for the upcoming holiday break, please ensure that your department’s requests for pre-break payments are forwarded timely for processing.  In order to accommodate all requests, we ask that all properly approved requests for vendor payments, employee reimbursements, etc. are forwarded as soon as possible.  We will make every effort to generate pre-break payments for all requests received in Accounts Payable (725 Grace Hall) by 5PM, Tuesday, December 17.  Reimbursements through travelND should likewise be in the “Approved & In Accounting” queue by 5PM on Tuesday, December 17 in order to be processed before break. 

Requests for payment received after that time may not be processed until after break as our efforts will be focused on those received by the deadline.  Those requests received after the deadline will be the first processed upon returning on January 2nd.  Please make faculty, staff, or others who submit payment requests for your area, aware of this timing. Also, please consider using your Procurement Card for eligible, small dollar transactions. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your requests during this time, please contact Ed Verhamme, Accounts Payable Manager, 631-7030.   Happy Holidays!