Full-Trip Documentation Enhancement in travelND System

A common request by approvers and auditors is the ability to review full costs associated with a traveler’s business trip.  For example, a traveler prepays for a flights via direct FOAPAL charge at time of booking, in which case, the flight was paid by the University before the trip and should be reflected as “non-reimbursable” on the expense report filed after the trip which includes any additional travel costs incurred (hotel, meals, etc.).
As some of you have noticed, the expense report compliance team has been asked to place a renewed emphasis on the full trip documentation requirement.  The good news is a recent enhancement was made for those who book through travelND to help with the documentation.
Please see below on how to handle whether the prepaid item was direct charged to FOAPAL or reimbursed on a previous expense report:
Direct Charge to FOAPAL
A flight charged to a FOAPAL at the time of booking (whether booked through Anthony Travel or Concur) is available in the TravelND system to easily drag and drop the flight expense onto the after-trip expense report (purple credit card icon). It will automatically be reflected as non-reimbursable (because it was already charged to a FOAPAL). This drag and drop enhancement was made available for TravelND bookings (via TravelND booking tool or Anthony Travel) made after September 25. Please refer to the quick reference guide for information on adding the airfare expense to an expense report.
Flights or travel arrangements claimed on previous expense report
A traveler who prepays for a flight by paying for them personally and seeking reimbursement via an expense report before the trip should reflect the flight as “non-reimbursable” on the expense report after the trip for the remaining travel costs incurred (hotel, meals, etc.).  The traveler or arranger will manually enter this data onto their expense report.  Airfare or conference fees are the most common items prepaid in this manner.
Please contact the travelND Helpdesk at 631-4289 or email travel@nd.edu if you have any questions.