Cliqbook Online Booking has a new look

Beginning, November 9, 2010, you will notice enhancements to the travelND booking tool (Cliqbook). This is the first of periodic updates to the tool that will add features to the travel search and booking tool. The most recent update includes enhancements to the airline, hotel and car rental reservation screens.

  • More interactive flight display –“sliders” that enable you to choose flights within an expanded time range – and an added feature that allows you to choose flights resembling other schedules with a “More Like This” option
  • Ability to search for nonstop flights outside of chosen time window
  • Improved hotel search experience: more results, more sorting options, price range noted up-front in your view
  • Integrated map display into your hotel search for easier selection
  • Car rental display that is easier to navigate
  • Combine price and schedule on one page for easier navigation and viewing

Please email or call 1-4289 with any questions.

The following screenshots illustrate some of the enhancements:

Airline screenshot

Hotel map screenshot

Car rental screenshot