Changes to alcohol itemization and attendee configuration in travelND

Based on user feedback, we have made some configuration changes with regards to itemizing alcohol expenses for meals and also with adding attendees.

For the meal expense types, you will now see a simpler itemization screen that will allow you to itemize alcohol expenses quickly and easily. Also, if you had a personal guest at the meal, you can deduct the amount of the personal guest from the total and just account for the business related portion. In other words, it is acceptable to account for less than the  full 100% of the receipt. Add explanation in the comments field.

For expense types where you are adding attendees, the person submitting the expense report will be added by default. We have updated the configuration so that you can edit the dollar amount per attendee. For large groups, you can also update the count of attendees. Attendees should be noted on the receipt or on a separate attachment. While we have allowed for this flexibility, local department procedures may require you to enter each attendee. Please consult with the Business Manager or Budget Administrator in your area if you have any department specific questions.