1. How do I add receipts to each expense line or at the report level?
    There are a few ways to add/import receipts to your expense report.  Please review the Attaching Receipts Quick Reference Guide  for details.
  2. How do I add Per Diem to my report?
    Please review the step-by-step guide on adding per diem to an expense report, Per Diem / Travel Allowance.
  3. How can I find a flight in Concur that I found on the airline's site?
    When searching for an airline flight by price or schedule, please be sure to expand your search parameters next to the select time of departure and return. Increasing the default to 9 +/- will give you more flight options.
  4. I need help with my expense report, who can I call?
    Please call Procurement Services help desk at 631-4289 or email travel@nd.edu for assistance.