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Importing Credit Card Charges into an expense report

Allocating Expenses tutorial

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Quick Reference Guides:

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Expense Report - FAQ's:

Smart Expenses


Expense Reports

What is the full disclosure documentation effective July 1, 2015?

Occasionally travelers submit business trip expense reports claiming only hotel, local transportation, meals, and/or incidentals at a distant location.  These expense reports raise many questions, including the method of transportation to/from the destination (perhaps commercial airfare) and the underlying reason for the trip (perhaps conference attendance).  Some travelers mistakenly exclude such expenses from a final trip expense report since no reimbursement is sought.  However, the need to accurately reflect the full trip cost and fully document the business purpose for items that have been prepaid or directly charged to a FOAPAL has been raised in various outside and research audits.  For example, the final expense report for a conference attendance in which airfare was charged directly to a FOAPAL and the conference fee was prepaid should document the cost and method of travel to/from the destination as well as the conference fee. Further, both should be marked as nonreimbursable. 

This full documentation requirement is not new policy.  However, with the rollout of new functionality on 7/1/15 within travelND (Concur booking tool or Anthony Travel) to help accommodate this requirement, providing that information on a final trip expense report will be relatively easy.  The flight directly charged to a FOAPAL will be available in a queue within Concur Expense to where the traveler (or their delegate) can simply drag and drop the non-reimbursable directly charged flight expense onto the appropriate Expense Report. Expense Reports submitted after June 30, 2015 will be asked to meet this full documentation policy requirement, whether or not booked through travelND. 

How can I find my fund in the drop-down field on the expense report?

All active fund values are available in the system. Follow the steps below to find your fund:

  • Delete the fund value that is currently in the field
  • Type in the fund number that you want to use
  • Give the system a couple of seconds to find the fund and then use your mouse to click on the fund value in the drop-down.

The above process applies for populating any drop-down value in the expense report. When searching for specific description or numbers in a drop down field the best practice is to type in all or part of the information you are seeking and wait for travelND to find the correct information.  Then use your mouse to click on the correct information.

How do I attach receipts in Concur?

Review the quick reference guide, Attaching Receipts and the Receipt Store.  There are multiple ways you can attach receipts in Concur. The options are:

  • Fax receipts by printing the "Fax Cover Page" on your expense report.
  • Scan the receipts and attach to the expense report (similar to adding attachments to an email) Take a picture of the receipts with a camera (or cell phone), upload the receipts to your desktop or email to yourself or your delegate and attach to the expense report.
  • NOTE: to attach receipts at the report header level -- Receipts / Attach Receipt Images / browse to the file on your computer select and upload; or you can attach the receipt at the line level. If you attach at the line level, please only attach one receipt per line item to avoid duplication.
  • E-receipts from many travel will be available directly in Concur  when you book your travel directly in Concur. (See E-receipts)

I am unable to view receipts in travelND System. Please help. Or, why does travelND asks me to download receipts every time?

The receipts are viewed using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Please check the following settings:

Adobe Preferences dialog box

In Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (click on image at right to see a larger version):

  • Open Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat if you have it installed on your PC)
  • Under the Edit menu, click on Preferences
  • On the left navigation, click Internet
  • Check the three boxes for:
    • Display PDF in browser
    • Allow fast web view
    • Allow speculative downloading in the background.
  • Close Adobe.

You should be able to view receipts now.

If you are still having problems with viewing receipts in Internet Explorer, please follow the steps below:

  • Trusted Sites dialog box

    In Internet Explorer, click on Tools menu and go to Internet Options  (click on image at right to see a larger version)
  • Click on the Security tab, click Trusted Sites and then click Sites
  • Add the following to the web URL’s to this zone:
    • *
  • Click Close and then click OK
  • Close the browser window and access travelND again.

If you continue to have problems, then please contact the Procurement Help Desk at 631-4289 or email

How do I attach other forms or justifications (e.g. request for spousal travel)?

Additional forms or justifications can be attached to the expense report similar to the receipt attachment. Please save the form in a PDF file format before attaching.

My expense report is reviewed by another person in the department before it can be approved. How can I route the expense report to meet this requirement?

The expense report can be routed to several approvers/reviewers. You can build your own routing by going to the "Details" menu on the expense report and click on "Approval Flow".

How can I track an expense report in the system?

Submitted expense reports can be tracked in the system by going to the "View Reports" section under "Expense". The "My Concur" page will also show you a status summary of the expense reports that are in process.

How are exchange rates calculated?

Exchange rates are calculated by an integrated tool within Concur. The exchange rates are updated daily in the system. If you are submitting an expense in foreign currency, the exchange rate will be calculated based on the transaction date.

What is Pay Zero?

Pay Zero is a feature of itemized expenses.  At the Header level of an itemized expense, the Approver cannot change the total amount of the expense, rather there is the option of “Pay Zero” which will change the total amount for the expense and all associated itemizations to an approved amount of $0.00.  (Note: The Approver may return the expense report to the employee if revisions need to be made to the itemized expense.)

How do I change the city if the system does not recognize it as a valid city on a travel card charge?

Occasionally, the system may not recognize a city that comes pre-populated on a travel card charge. In this case, please select the closest major city from the drop-down values. Please email and we will add the city in the system for future use.

What should I do if a city that I traveled to is not listed in the system?

Please email and we will add the city in the system for future use. In order to complete your expense report, please select the closest major city from the drop-down values.

Do I need to include expenses that were prepaid or charged directly to a budget (FOP)?

Expense Reports should reflect the entire travel picture for audit purposes as well as for budget administrators to review.  It is up to individual departments to decide whether the expenses must be included in the expense report and marked as “Non-reimbursable Expense” to show the entire cost of the trip; or to just include the documentation as an image with a note in the comments section indicating that the expense was prepaid or charged directly to a FOP.  For both scenarios, the receipts should be attached for audit purposes.

Do I need to attach the conference agenda?

Yes, the conference agenda (front cover and the pages with the schedule) should be attached to the expense report.

How do I itemize a meal to break out the expense for alcohol?

  • Select a Meal or Entertainment – Food expense type and enter the required information, including the total charge of the meal
  • Click Itemize and select the expense type Entertainment-Beverage/Alcohol (72451) and enter the charges for the alcohol.
    • If you want to change the FOP for this expense, you can click  Allocate to change the FOP for this expense
    • You can also mark, do not reimburse if alcohol is not an allowable expense for this meal.
  • Select the Meal or Entertainment – Food type again and enter the food portion of the meal.
  • The total of the Meal and alcohol should equal the total charge of the meal

How do I allocate a hotel expense in Concur?

  • On the expense type for Hotel/Lodging, enter the details for the hotel expense
  • Click Itemize to provide the details of the expense
  • Check the box next to the Hotel expense on left side of window
  • Go to the Details tab and choose Allocations
  • The Allocation window will pop up; allocate as you would for any other expense.

I have currency conversion charges (transaction charges) on my travel card (or personal) card for international transactions incurred while travelling for Notre Dame.  What expense type (account code) should I apply them to in Concur?

You can select Banking Fees – Credit Cards (71011) as the expense type for these charges.

How do I get reimbursed for mileage for moving expenses?

Use the expense type "Moving - Mileage Expenses (77030)". The IRS rate for reimbursing mileage for moving expenses is different than the rate for personal car mileage. Enter the total amount (number of miles X mileage rate) and type in the details of the calculation in the Comments field for this expense.

Can I make a payment to a guest/visitor with an international mailing address or bank account?

Yes, there are four options.  You may pay by check (either US$ or foreign currency) or wire transfer (either US$ or foreign currency).  Checks are normally returned to the requesting department for delivery to the guest/visitor.  For wire transfers, attach the necessary banking information as a Receipt.   See for further information regarding these options.

When will my reimbursement be available? Payment status definitions.

After an expense report is submitted it will pass through the proper approvals. You will receive a "Changed Status" email after each approval step. The payment status definitions are as follows:

Payment Status: Definition:
Not Paid The expense report has been submitted. It is pending approval from financial approvers and/or Accounts Payable. 
Processing Payment The expense report has been approved by all approvers for the payment to be processed.  
Extracted for Payment The expense report has been approved by Accounts Payable. Reimbursement will be issued via ACH (direct deposit) or check made available in 1-3 business days. 

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Smart Expenses

What is a Smart Expense?

Concur attempts to match unassigned credit card transactions, itinerary items and e-receipts (opt-in required by user) to create a Smart Expense. If it is determined that two item represent the same transaction, Concur matches (combines) the two items and presents one combined item in the Smart Expense section of the system.

How do I un-match a Smart Expense?

To "un-match" two transactions that were matched in error, select the combined item and click "Unmatch". The system will split the combined item into the original two items. if you have one or more items unmatched, click "Refresh". The system will discard any unsaved match or unmatched expenses and checks for more matches. 

How do I manually match a Smart Expense?

Occasionally, Concur may not combine two items that represt the same transaction. To match them manually, select both and click "Match".

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What is an e-receipt?

The term e-receipt refers to an electronic receipt. Concur has partnered with several airline, hotel and car rental companies to provide receipt data directly to their system eliminating the need for a paper receipt. The e-receipts provide full detail and the data comes directly from the supplier. Users can elect to sign-up for e-receipts in their travelND profile. View or download a list of Concur e-Receipt Providers (36k PDF).

Will an e-receipt vendor provide an e-receipt for a user in the event of a split folio?

A split folio occurs when a hotel guest pays for their stay using more than one form of payment. For example, a user might pay cash or use a personal credit card for personal charges (minibar, in-room movie, etc.) and pay for business expenses with the travel card. Users will generally not receive an e-receipt for a hotel stay when there is a split folio. This is generally due to the hotel's privacy concerns on behalf of the user or the hotel's limitation in providing e-receipts.

If a user pays for a hotel stay and is issued credit later, will they receive an e-receipt for the credit?

No, the hotel vendors will not send e-receipts for credits issued after checkout.

Will a user receive an e-receipt if the hotel or car is paid for with their personal credit card?

If a user pays for the hotel or car with their personal card, Concur will load an e-receipt that is passed by the vendor as long as the personal credit card has been opted-in to the e-receipt program in Concur.

How quickly will an e-receipt be available to a user for submission on an expense report?

Concur's service level objective is to send e-receipts to the system within 48 hours of a traveler checking out of a hotel or returning the rental car. E-receipts from international properties may take longer than 48 hours.

Is there a list of vendors who can provide e-receipts?

Concur e-Receipt Providers (36k PDF)


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