The term e-receipt refers to an electronic receipt. Concur has partnered with several airline, hotel and car rental companies to provide electronic receipt data directly to their system eliminating the need for a paper receipt.

E-Receipt Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

The Quick Reference Guide will show you information on the following:

  • How to activate E-Receipts
  • How to receive E-Receipts
  • What an E-Receipt looks like


Will an e-receipt vendor provide an e-receipt for a user in the event of a split folio?

A split folio occurs when a hotel guest pays for their stay using more than one form of payment. For example, a user might pay cash or use a personal credit card for personal charges (minibar, in-room movie, etc.) and pay for business expenses with the travel card. Users will generally not receive an e-receipt for a hotel stay when there is a split folio. This is generally due to the hotel's privacy concerns on behalf of the user or the hotel's limitation in providing e-receipts.

If a user pays for a hotel stay and is issued credit later, will they receive an e-receipt for the credit?

No, the hotel vendors will not send e-receipts for credits issued after checkout.

Will a user receive an e-receipt if the hotel or car is paid for with their personal credit card?

If a user pays for the hotel or car with their personal card, Concur will load an e-receipt that is passed by the vendor as long as the personal credit card has been opted-in to the e-receipt program in Concur.

How quickly will an e-receipt be available to a user for submission on an expense report?

Concur's service level objective is to send e-receipts to the system within 48 hours of a traveler checking out of a hotel or returning the rental car. E-receipts from international properties may take longer than 48 hours.

Is there a list of vendors who can provide e-receipts?

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