Archived Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the city if the system does not recognize it as a valid city on the travel card charge?

Occasionally the system may not recognize a city that comes pre-populated on the travel card charge or if you manually enter a city. In this case, please select the closest major city for that transaction.

How do I recall an expense report?

Only the submitter can recall their expense report. Expense delegates cannot recall a report created on behalf of another individual. The person getting reimbursement can open the expense report and click "recall" in the upper right corner.

 How do I change my default Fund / Org / Program?

You can change your default FOP in your Concur profile.  Click Profile / Expense Information, remove the existing FOP and type in the new one.

How can I delete old credit card expenses that have already been reimbursed?

Since you cannot delete any credit card charges, you will need to pull them into an expense report and mark them non-reimbursable. If you submit the expense report, be sure to note that those expenses were already reimbursed.

How do I add an approver to my expense report?

After clicking the Submit button, in the Manager Approver box, search by the approver's last name, wait for the system to find the approver and click on the appropriate name in the search results.